More than a dozen credit unions make up the history of P&N Bank, which is the largest member-owned bank in Western Australia.

In 2013, the Police & Nurses Credit Society became a mutual bank, trading as P&N Bank. Members can access variable and fixed interest rate home loans, equity access home loans, and reverse mortgages as part of their easy living home loan product. P&N Bank are committed to supporting the local community, and have several community initiatives on the go at any given time, including scholarship and sponsorship programs.

The mortgage industry is a complex kaleidoscope of ever-changing interest rates and home loan deals. Both first-time buyers and seasoned investors need guidance about what the latest offerings are and which lender to choose. iConnect Financial can help. We work with more than 30 lenders across Australia, including P&N Bank, and find you the right product to meet your current needs and future financial goals. Our brokers answer those tricky questions, like whether you need lenders’ mortgage insurance, what the loan-to-value ratio is for each lender, the fees attached to the loan, and the difference between the advertised and comparison home loan rate.

Why you can bank on iConnect Financial?

By choosing to go through an iConnect Financial broker, you are making a solid investment in your financial future. We are experts at finding the right home loan to meet your current needs and long-term financial aspirations. As a subsidiary of Connective Group, an award-winning mortgage aggregator established in 2003, we are a name you can trust. The best part is you don’t have to pay a single dollar for our service – the lender sorts us out upon settlement.

What’s involved?

Please get in touch today. We will go through your financials and work out which home loan best suits your needs, contact your chosen lender to ensure their loan stacks up, and guide you through the application process. Before you know it, you will be moving into your new home or finding a tenant for your new investment property.

To find out more about P&N Bank’s home loans or other home loan options on the market, please call iConnect Financial on 1300 10 16 52. Alternatively, email and we will get back to you shortly.

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