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Krissie completed her Diploma of Finance & Mortgage Broking Management in 2012 and since then, has helped hundreds of people achieve their property purchasing dreams. Krissie is now ready to use her considerable expertise to help you with your finance needs.

Rob McCullagh is a highly qualified mortgage and finance professional with a Diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking and post graduate qualifications in management. He has excellent experience in helping people improve their lifestyle with clever finance strategies tailored to fit their personal financial circumstances and objectives.

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Our sunniest state capital city, Perth is a strong working capital for Western Australia’s ongoing economic boom. It’s famous for its summers, natural sights, brilliant parks, and inexpensive cost of living.For the right family, Perth can be a veritable goldmine for both their finances and state of mind. The mining sector is constantly in demand of skilled workers, and are willing to put out big bucks to attract them. Many people move to Perth, attracted by high wages and low cost of living, which makes it a fairly affluent place to live for a large number of people.

Perth is also the most remote of the capital cities in Australia. Getting around between states can be a little more tricky there than in other places, but if you’re planning to travel overseas, it’s easily the nearest to Asia, as well as a frequent stopping point for anyone looking to travel to Europe.

Be prepared for heat, though! Average temperatures during summer hover around 30 degrees Celsius, and can reach low the 40s quite commonly.

A distant gem

Whether you’re in Perth to get away from it all, if you’ve been lured out by competitive wages and low cost of living, or you’re looking to invest in the economic potential of Western Australia, you have a lot to gain from a property in the capital.

Perth has a wide range of housing types and affordability, from townhouses to mansions, and all for much cheaper than you’re likely to find elsewhere on the mainland. This means that finding the right mortgage and housing combination will save you a lot of money in the long term.

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Our brokers can choose from over 40 lenders, both big and small, and we offer a free consultation process before walking alongside you from the search to the signing.

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