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Rohan Puls

About Rohan

Rohan originally comes from an IT and Business background and, throughout his career, has been passionate about assisting customers with meeting their business goals through innovative solutions.

Rohan is now taking his expertise and applying it to helping people with their unique and specific financial goals. He is committed to navigating his clients through the often complicated and confusing process of finding and applying for an appropriate loan.

Rohan also enjoys supporting people to set up and manage their personal budgets to relieve the stress of making ends meet.

Along with his professional experience and skills, Rohan also holds a Bachelor of Science, a Master of Business Administration and a Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management.

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“Obtaining the right mortgage or loan for your particular circumstances can often be difficult, time consuming and confusing. No one loan is the same and everyone’s situation or need is different. I will assist you through the entire process by identifying your unique requirements, finding the right possible product from our large range of lenders, and ensuring the application process is as smooth and as successful as possible.

Sometimes, unfortunately, your current situation is not suitable for you to get a mortgage or loan. Should this be the case, I will be happy to look at your financial position and help you devise a plan and a budget to ensure you are ready for a successful application in the future.

I will always be there to assist you with whatever financing needs you may have as situations or needs change in times to come.”

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