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Farzin is a highly qualified business professional, with a Bachelor of Business in Marketing & Entrepreneurship as well as a Certificate IV in Mortgage & Finance Broking. With over 13 years of experience in small to medium business development and coaching, Farzin has considerable expertise to offer those looking to build wealth for the future, both as a business or as an individual.

Frank Tamayo is one of Hobart’s most qualified mortgage and finance professionals. His career spans 17 years in the finance industry, including senior roles with some of Australia’s leading lenders including Westpac and Commonwealth Bank.

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Situated on the River Derwent, in the shadow of Mount Wellington, there isn’t a house in Hobart that doesn’t sport a breathtaking view – in fact, as Australia’s second oldest city, quite a lot of the grand heritage buildings are visions worth seeing in their own right.Hobart is the most affordable of our major cities, and with it you’ll also receive a more tempered climate than the baking Queensland summer. You’ll also get the finest growers culture in the country, with fresh produce, meats (especially seafood fresh from the port!), and wine in abundance.

It’s the most idyllic location on offer. The city itself strides a line between regal heritage and ultra-modern establishments, and the landscape is home to forests, beaches, mountains and national parks. The climate ranges from pleasant summers to chilly winters – travellers from places such as the UK will feel right at home.

It’s also perfect for those who want the convenience of a modern city without the crowds. Despite being a major commercial hub, Hobart only has a standing population of about 200,000. No traffic, and no queues, but all of the options.

The grand old life

Choosing a place in the Tasmanian capital means getting the best fresh produce and the greatest sights of any major city in Australia, and in Hobart our brokers have access to over 40 lenders from both from major and smaller institutions, as well as hundreds of potential mortgage deals for you.

The housing market is lush and affordable, which means that you stand to save a lot of money with a good house and mortgage deal. That’s where we come in.

Our team of MFAA/FBAA approved brokers can source the most suitable deals at affordable rates for you. They’re locally sourced, and have decades of experience navigating the Hobart housing market. We guarantee that they’ll be able to find the right mortgage for your house, whether you’re buying to live, to holiday in the lush countryside, or to invest.

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