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Here’s just some of the mortgages we have access to:

Standard Variable Rates

Features and flexibility without the bells and whistles.
  • Most common type of home loan – popular amongst owner-occupier buyers.
  • Repayment amount will fluctuate as interest rates go up and down.
  • Make extra repayments without penalty.
  • Redraw facilities.
  • Split your loan between fixed and variable interest rates.
  • Loan portability.
  • Often comes with offset accounts and low rate credit cards.

Fixed Rate Loans

Peace of mind but less flexibility.
  • Rates (and repayments) will be fixed for a set period of time – usually between 1 and 5 years.
  • Your rate will stay the same during the fixed rate period, even if interest rates go up, meaning you can budget and predict your repayments.
  • Less features than a standard loan, such as limited ability to make extra repayments.
  • Less flexibility than a standard loan, often incurs early exit fees.

Basic or “lower fee, lower feature” loans

Lower interest rates mean lower repayments, but with less features.
  • Usually a variable interest rate loan, with a rate lower than the standard variable rate loan.
  • Less features, so you won’t find mortgage offset accounts or low rate credit cards.
  • There may be restrictions on extra repayments.
  • Often there will be exit fees or penalties for paying out your loan early.

Interest-Only Loans

Minimise repayments early on while your asset grows in value.
  • Popular with property investors.
  • You only pay the interest on the loan, without paying off any of the principal (the original amount borrowed).
  • Normally limited to a 5-year term, afterwards reverting to a standard loan product that’s principal and interest.

Equity loans or lines of credit

Use your home’s equity to purchase cars, holidays, renovations or investments.
  • Often more expensive than standard loans.
  • Variable interest rates.
  • Make unlimited repayments to pay it off faster.
  • Line of Credit allows you to withdraw funds as you need them, so only pay interest on the amount you’re using.

Professional home loan packages

Amazing flexibility and features for borrowing larger amounts.
  • Most are available if you’re borrowing over $250,000 (some offer packages for loans of just $100,000 or more).
  • Easily bundle other products, such as credit cards and transaction accounts to save on fees.
  • Flexible for when you want to change from variable to fixed rate or go from interest only to principal and interest.
  • Often it will be easier to add another mortgage or investment loan to your bundle.
  • Usually have an associated annual fee.

Honeymoon loans and promotional rates

A lower rate for a set ‘honeymoon’ period.
  • Get a lower introductory rate for a fixed period, usually around 12 months.
  • This might make it easier to deal with repayments in the first year, especially if you also need to buy furniture or add improvements.
  • The loan will revert to the lender’s standard rate after the set term.
  • Beware higher long term interest rates – often honeymoon or promotional loans are used to disguise loans with higher rates than comparable products.
  •  Ensure you will be able to afford the post-term interest repayments.

Bridging loans

Allows you to buy a new home before you sell the old one.
  • Intended to be short-term loans.
  • May be much more expensive than other kinds of loans.
  • Covers the period between buying your new house and selling your old one.

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