About iConnect Financial.

iConnect Financial brokers have been specifically chosen for their expertise, reliability and friendly service.

When you choose to see an iConnect Financial broker about your loan, you can be fully confident about the products and advice you receive, every time.

Who is behind iConnect Financial?

iConnect Financial is part of the Connective mortgage aggregation company, a subsidiary of Connective Group. You can find out more about Connective by visiting their website.

Connective is one of the most highly respected mortgage aggregators in the industry. Established in 2003, the business started out with one office in the outskirts of Melbourne, but now has offices in Melbourne (Head Office), Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

So what is a mortgage aggregator? Connective’s role is to facilitate the relationship between an extensive panel of lenders and mortgage brokers in a variety of businesses across Australia. One of their key responsibilities is to manage their member’s commissions and payments, and this helps to keep mortgage brokers impartial. Connective also provides brokers with guidance on industry regulations and rules, information on loan products and rates, and educates them to ensure they always stay ahead of industry changes.

iConnect Financial values.

With iConnect Financial, we aim to deliver the same standard of excellence and consistency to you, that Connective applies to all of their finance industry services. Our goal is to provide you with a service that you can genuinely rely on, to explain things to you in a way that you can easily understand, and educate you so that you can move forward into a bright financial future.


Established through outstanding service, we invest in developing and maintaining relationships with our audience through ongoing engagement. We concern ourselves with their aspirations and seek to provide advice and solutions that will help our brokers and clients achieve their individual lifestyle goals.


We operate with a collective awareness that we do not negotiate on an offer. We are open and honest with our brokers and clients, and upfront about everyone’s stake in the outcome.


As a brand we are humble and do not discriminate. We are available to all people who require our services. As a company we have a flat structure without cultural hierarchy or prejudice.


We value the common goals of our brokers and clients, and pride ourselves on equitable treatment, acceptance and understanding across all operations.